British Airways has begun testing a hi-tech blanket which changes colour using brainwaves, to ensure it offers customers the best flight’s sleep in the sky.

The ‘happiness blanket’, which is woven with fibre optics, uses neuro-sensors to measure a person’s brainwaves and changes colour, from red to blue, to show when they’re at their most relaxed and meditative.

The airline hopes monitoring a person’s sleep and relaxation patterns during a flight will inform decisions made to improve aspects of the in-flight service; from changing the timing of meals, what food is served and even the types of films shown – to make flying and sleeping on British Airways flights even more relaxing.

Last week, a group of volunteers on board the BA189 Dreamliner service from Heathrow to New York, were among the first to try out the hi-tech ‘happiness blankets’ for themselves and report on their experiences.

Height cuisine

Height cuisine

The blankets showed passengers enjoyed our new selected menu, especially chosen to taste fantastic even at altitude.




Our wider choice of entertainment showed various changes in the blankets depending on each passenger’s selection.



Relax with support.

The improved neck and back support visibly helped passengers relax.




Our advanced lighting, simulating night and day, gave a great night’s sleep across all cabins.


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Source: British Airways Website