Are you heading to Madrid this year and wondering what to do while you’re there? Look no further as we have created the definitive guide to this wonderful Spanish city. From sightseeing to visiting amazing museums, Madrid has so much to offer!

Things to do in Madrid

Go sightseeing in Madrid

Expect medieval mansions, royal palaces, contemporary skyscrapers and terracotta complexes. There’s so much to see in Madrid that to begin with you may be a little overwhelmed. The history of the city is ripe and is weaved through the streets. This includes the buildings, squares, landmarks and churches. The city’s old name Mayrit, was made up of the Arab term “mayra” (mother, matrix) and the Iberian suffix “it”, synonym of “place”. This name was given by the Moors arriving to the region. Make sure you visit Plaza del Sol, which is the biggest square in Madrid; Plaza Mayor is also a must-see as it’s a stunning example of 18th century architecture. Speak to one of our specialists about booking a tour of Madrid!

Visit interesting museums

There are so many interesting museums to visit in Madrid it’s home to some of the best in the world, and chances are you probably won’t make your way around all of them on your package holiday to Madrid. If you’re wondering what to see in Madrid, make sure you go to the “Golden Triangle of Art”; all three museums are located in the Paseo del Arte (avenue of art). The triangle is made up of up Prado Museum – a national museum featuring pre-20th-century art, Reina Sofia Museum – a national museum featuring 20th Century modern art and Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum – a national art museum with a collection of historical through contemporary art.

What to eat in Madrid

If you love trying new food and countries’ specialities then you should book your holiday to Madrid immediately. The city is filled with wonderful authentic Spanish dishes, waiting for you to enjoy! Make sure you try churros while you’re there; they are essentially deep-fried sticks of dough that are lovingly dipped into a mug filled with thick melted chocolate. It’s not something you could have every day, but they sure make for a tasty snack!

The most beloved food in the city is ham; whether it’s in a dish or served as part of a tapas platter or on its own, you’re likely to come across it in most restaurants in the city. To go with your ham, try patatas bravas, a simple yet delicious dish; essentially they are potatoes served with a red sauce that is similar to ketchup, but slightly spicier – make sure you use your fork while eating these, as it’s said that using your fingers is rude.

When to visit Madrid

It’s been said that the best time to visit Madrid is in late spring or early autumn – May – June and September – October. The temperatures during these months tend to be slightly milder than during the peak summer season. If you want to make the most of the long days, then visit the city in June or September, when the sun sets at around 10pm.

During winter, the outdoor cafes (terrazas) are closed and the temperatures take a considerable drop compared to the summer, but the city is still very pleasant to visit, particularly around Christmas.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Madrid travel guide. Have you ever been? What’s your favourite thing to do in Madrid? Get in touch on our Facebook or Twitter or let us know in the comments.