The capital of Argentina, the beautiful and cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires has a population of 42 million people. Known for its 19th century architecture, rich history and Latin American art, Buenos Aires is the perfect destination for adults looking to experience true authentic Argentinean culture…but what about families?

Have no fear! There are plenty of things to do in Buenos Aires with kids that will keep a smile on their faces; from discovering Dulce de Leche to immersing themselves in the city’s street art.

Explore El Museo de los Niños

Located in the centre of Abasto Shopping mall, El Museo de los Niños is an interactive museum suitable for children up to the age of 12 and is a space where they can learn through play and experience a variety of engaging exhibitions.

Visit the Freddo Ice Cream Shop

Enjoy Argentina’s most popular flavour, Dulce de Leche, at the Buenos Aires’ Freddo; a well-known ice cream shop which will inspire your little ones and leave them craving for more tasty treats.

Go on a La Boca Walking Tour

Come rain or shine, exploring Buenos Aires with kids is no problem when it comes to the La Boca Walking Tour. Enjoy the “conventillos” (colourful houses), the history of the Tango dance genre and Boca Juniors Stadium amongst other things during this 2 hour experience.

Play at the El Parque Las Heras

Have spare time to kill between visits to different Buenos Aires attractions? Venture to El Parque Las Heras, a park located in downtown Buenos Aires’ Palermo neighbourhood and be dazzled by the charm of the wooden slide, sand-filled surfaces as well as a carousel. For a small cost, you can also let your child unleash their inner artist on one of the easels which are available.

Discover Buenos Aires Street Art

One of the world’s street art capitals, walking around Buenos Aires with the kids is an absolute must! Attractive to the local and international street artists due to its many abandoned buildings and plain walls, the city is a blank canvas to the modern creative. To participate in one of the regular walking tours, visit the Colegiales on a Tuesday or Thursday and experience 3 hours of immersive artwork.

There’s so much to see and do in Buenos Aires with your children. What’s your favourite thing to do in the city? Let us know in the comments or get in touch with us on our Facebook or Twitter!