Santiago is a city full of energy and surprise, with countless of things to explore and discover. The Capital of Chile is definitely full of culture and adventure perfect for every type of traveller. Being surrounded by snowy-mountains, this hidden treasure goes above and beyond every holidaymaker’s expectations and we know that after reading this post that you’ll definitely want to book our LATAM Airline flights to Santiago, Chile.


Things to do in Santiago

Hidden within Santiago is Museo de La Moda which has won TripAdvisor awards for being a popular thing to do in Santiago. You can discover lots of important memorabilia of Mariyln Munroe and you get to discover every aspect of her life. There are plenty of other exhibits to explore and it really is a fascinating trip. It is also very cheap to get entry so definitely worth checking out if you’re on a budget.
San Cristobal Hill is an iconic hill at the North of Santiago and is the second highest peak in the city. It is great for admiring at a distance, but hiking to the top also offers spectacular views. At the top, there is the city’s largest public park giving you even more reason why you should hike up to the top. One of the top things to do in Santiago for tourists is definitely get to the top of San Cristobal Hill so you can really admire the spectacular city from above.

There are fantastic shopping options in Santiago so if you fancy treating yourself while on holiday, why not?! There are 3 main malls, all featuring popular branded shops and local shops so you can get the best of both world and pick up some souvenirs for yourself! One of the top places to go shopping Costanera Center as it has everything you might need in one place with plenty of options.


Where to eat in Santiago

Cafe Mosqueto is a small, traditional cafe in Santiago that really makes the perfect spot for afternoon coffee and cakes. It is a cozy and intimate spot by the sidewalk so you can put your feet up and watch the bustling city as you enjoy a coffee. It is a top choice for locals and tourists – you could always pop here after a spot of shopping to really make the most of the Santiago culture.
Bar the Clinic is a delicious restaurant that offers comfort food taken to the next level. It is a cool and quirky place to dine so you can sip on one of their delicious cocktails while enjoying some local gourmet pub food. It is extremely popular with journalists so you’ll definitely come across some interesting characters while eating here.


Santiago Weather

Trying to decide where to go on holiday is (majority of the time) dependent on the weather. The Santiago weather is beautiful and one of the most pleasant times to visit the city is September – November. Whilst the city has beautiful weather with very minimal damp days, the heavy crowds from summer have gone which means you can enjoy the beautiful weather with fewer tourists!

We really could go on and on about how amazing Santiago is and how this underrated city has plenty to offer every type of traveller. There is so much to discover that we recommend taking your camera everywhere, because you will discover a colourful photo opportunity around every corner.